No, it’s not about the Beatles. Actually, it’s about using Crayola’s new crayons the TWISTABLES! Although they’ve been around for awhile, you may not be familiar with them unless you’re a kid or have kids that may use them. But believe me, they’re not just for kids! In fact they fit much better in my hand than regular crayons…they last longer…sharpen better…and don’t break! I use them all the time now. Crayola must have had us older boys and girls in mind when they came up with the idea. (I like to think that)

Crayola turned me on to twistables a while back when we did the “Good Morning America” show together for Crayola’s 100 year anniversary. And I’ve been using them ever since! I'm spoiled now and really love em. When drawing, I mix and blend the colors together to make a new color because they are limited in color choices. Of course it’s still fun and easy to use my regular stand-by box with over a zillion colors to choose from because some colors are just impossible to mix like “sea green” when I'm creating a beachscape. (I just love that color)

Anyway, for all of you who are "young at heart" and who still love to color or are addicted to the smell crayons - just keeping you in the loop!