The Swell of The Summer

6 to 10 foot waves on the south shore! The largest swell of the summer. There seemed to be a buzz in the air as the forecast called for waves up to ten feet from Friday morning to Sunday night. We hustled down to the beach Friday morning expecting big surf and large crowds and for the most part we were not disappointed. Our usual spot, Threes, had well over thirty people waiting for a ride so we moved over to Paradise and Popular's, two surf spots near by. My daughter's fiance has been surfing for a little over a month now and was getting to experience the excitement of surfing larger waves for the first time, thanks to some peer pressure. After surfing I decided to head down to Magic Island and take some pictures of The Bowl. It was a sight to see. People headed out, others paddling in, everyone stoked. It's hard to describe the atmosphere and the intensity of the weekend but luckily I took a lot of pictures that help. Here are a few. I think I will head back out. Enjoy.
Magic Island- check out all the white water

The Bowl