by Jeffrey Robert (early 1990s article)

I love the medium of crayons because of its simplicity and non intimidating nature. Almost everyone grew up with this fundamental tradition.
My first art project started by opening a brand new crayon box of bright vivid colors that seem to jump out at me. 
The familiar aroma continues to trigger memories of a carefree past connected with family and friends. My present artwork promotes the same wonderful sentimental quality. I think we all can connect through this common ground art medium that links the past to present, and now to the future. When today’s kids see what I have done with their medium, it inspires them. Crayons become their very own professional product and uplifts them with a feeling of importance allowing them to become more confident and creative with a sense of security. In other words, it gives value to their art. Adults no longer need to feel intimidated or embarrassed because they know little or nothing about art. Now they can openly express creativity with the same kind of fun that they used to when they were kids. 

I don't like to hear anyone say "I can't draw" because I truly believe that God created us in his image, and because of that, WE ARE CREATIVE. 
A new door is open for everyone to become the artist they would like to be without fear of failure, lack of expense or lack of knowledge. Start where you are! There is nothing to risk. Have some fun! 
The advantages of drawing with crayons are tremendous. Think of the possibilities for children, family values, inner-city youth, children with learning disabilities, senior citizens, shut-ins, stress management. Art can be as sophisticated and fun as you want. From coloring books to fine art, from relaxation to increased ability. You can find it all right here. Day or night, convenience is just around the corner. 
My vision is to present this new fine art medium through tours, lectures, workshops and new products to people all over the world to release their creative spirit. 

Although my achievements with crayons have surpassed all expectations, I still like to color in coloring books, there's something wholesome about it.... Can you pass me the yellow please? 




A few days ago I received an email from a college student who I met one evening while at an art gallery in Hawaii. He asked to interview me for a paper he was writing and wanted to know about a certain creative piece of mine entitled "JUST ADD WATER".  

What inspired you to create it? 
When I created "Just Add Water" I had already completed several crayon drawings of my beach chair series. I enjoyed the personal responses I received from those who pictured themselves sitting in the chairs. People described to me just how they would feel relaxing in the magical settings I had created. Just Add Water was different and was about what I thought happened while the chair was unoccupied, especially once the tide came in.

Is there any deep meaning to it?
The feeling of tranquility is expressed in the life giving force of the blue colors of water and sky through nature, through God who creates all things. The chair represents man's appreciation. The towel represents the soul. The fish represents the breath of life.

What feelings are expressed in the piece?
It would be that something good is possible when we are able to express our imagination in a way that others may interpret or relate to it. Not to understand it,or rationalize it, but to enjoy the impossible possibility of it.

Did you dedicate it to someone in your life?
My wife and companion is the one whom I dedicate all my creative efforts and share my personal thoughts of my work.

How the culture inspired your piece?
As a native Hawaiian growing up on Oahu, Hawaii, the ocean and its mysteries continue to be an inspirational theme for me.

What was difficult/easy?
Thinking things through, taking my time and patience with unexpected problems are part of the creative process. Technical application may become difficult when blending with imagination. What comes easy could be termed as understanding what I am doing. But that's the beauty of's easy because I work so hard at it.