Waikiki Nights

Wyland Gallery Waikiki

What a day for surfing! It was one of those days that doesn't happen often but when it does you have to take full advantage. The conditions were perfect, the water was glassy, the surf was amazing, and I had it all to myself... for about three hours. The highlight of the morning was a long wall I was able to hang five on, five toes over the board. It was a ride that seemed to last forever and something I haven't done since I left surfing years ago. Maybe it has something to do with school starting, but my morning surf outings have been especially peaceful. I did meet some cool people that day who were visiting from Australia and invited them, and their families, to the Wyland gallery where I would be drawing that night. The laid back aloha spirit of Hawaii makes it easy to meet new people even in a busy city like Waikiki. There was a great turn out at the gallery and I had a chance to visit with people from all over the world. Here are a few pictures of me at the gallery. Aloha to my new Aussie friend, Gary!

Meet The Crayon Artist

Working on an original


New Wave Frame

The surf has been relatively flat this week so I thought I would take this time to work on a custom frame design for my surf art. I have always enjoyed coming up with new frame designs to complete my art work. For my surf art, a unique frame design was created to compliment the aesthetics of surfing, reflecting the attributes of the water, power, grace, skill and technical development of the sport. In place of a matted image, the artwork is positioned and spaced between two transparent pieces of plexi glass (one clear and one blue) and encased with a deep metal frame. The transparent blue tint behind the art creates an illusion of water; clear, translucent, and calming. The German silver metallic frame gives it a sleek, sporty, stream line look that reflects the speed and advanced technology of modern day surfing.


A Night On The North Shore...

Wyland Gallery in Haleiwa

The Wyland Galleries of Oahu have turned into a home away from home for my art work. Recently my family and I were in Haleiwa for an art open house and dinner at one of our favorite North Shore restaurants, Cholo's. I always enjoy spending time on the North Shore, drawing and interacting with locals and visitors; Haleiwa is such a laid back environment for an artist or anyone trying to escape the fast pace lifestyle of the cities. The Gallery is located in a small town square layout just as you enter Haleiwa. Here you will find local surf shops, a few restaurants, and boutiques that reflect the small surf town, country, vibe of the North Shore. Check out some pictures of our weekend in Haleiwa.

Talking art at Open House Night at Wyland Gallery- Haleiwa

Demonstrating a few of my techniques

My daughter outside of Haleiwa Town Square

My daughter and her fiance waiting outside of Cholo's Mexican Food Restaurant

Shave ice w/ ice cream and beans at M. Matsumoto's, a North Shore favorite


Hana no' eau...Talking Art

One of my biggest inspirations for creating beach art is capturing the beauty of the ocean. The waves, colors, tints, etc….can be challenging. Here are some quick tips to make your ocean scenes look more realistic:

1. Choose three shades of Blue…Cerulean, Turquoise Blue, Sea Green.

2. Start at the horizon with the Cerulean, color the middle layer Turquoise Blue, and the water closest to the shoreline Sea Green.

3. Blend the colors together using your finger, dark to light.

[Order the Jeffrey Robert Crayon Art Techniques DVD for more detailed lessons and instructions.]

Here is an example of what you can do with water using these tips and techniques…..

Home work: [Capture a water scene] Take a quick break by visiting a local body of water. Do you live near an ocean, lake, river, creek, pond, or swimming pool? How about a water puddle (be creative). Find a nice spot to sketch and enjoy being outside. Create your own picture, title it, and send it to the BEACH HOUSE, (along with your name). Who knows, we may post your art!


Talk Story... Stories, Thoughts, News

I have been surfing a lot the past few weeks. Recently I traded a piece of art work with a friend of mine for a custom nose rider surf board, the same classic style I grew up on. Growing up in Hawaii, there were days I remember staying out in the water all day. These were the days before 30 SPF sunscreen, leashes for your board, and shark warning signs. We would find a ride, (only a few of us had cars) chip in on some gas money, and load our surf boards onto the roof rack. After an all day surf session we would go to Kelly’s Diner for a bowl of fifty cent rice and brown gravy, (we ate nothing but slop in those days). While living in Texas, I put surfing aside for many years. When I finally moved back to Hawaii I was a little apprehensive about getting back in the water. I was not sure if it was like riding a bike, (I was surfer of the year in high school and had a reputation to maintain). I went out anyway despite my fears. Surfing was not how I had remembered. It seemed to be more hard work than fun that day. The next day my shoulders and neck were sore, my ribs hurt, and I felt a little discouraged. Then a day or two goes by and I start to get that itch. I was hooked again. Now I am back in the water every day, (if not every other day). I am back to my previous surfing form, well almost, and having as much fun as I ever. So if there is something you want to accomplish, maybe even get back into something you were once passionate about, don’t hesitate. Dive into it, you will be glad you did.