Hana no' eau...Talking Art

One of my biggest inspirations for creating beach art is capturing the beauty of the ocean. The waves, colors, tints, etc….can be challenging. Here are some quick tips to make your ocean scenes look more realistic:

1. Choose three shades of Blue…Cerulean, Turquoise Blue, Sea Green.

2. Start at the horizon with the Cerulean, color the middle layer Turquoise Blue, and the water closest to the shoreline Sea Green.

3. Blend the colors together using your finger, dark to light.

[Order the Jeffrey Robert Crayon Art Techniques DVD for more detailed lessons and instructions.]

Here is an example of what you can do with water using these tips and techniques…..

Home work: [Capture a water scene] Take a quick break by visiting a local body of water. Do you live near an ocean, lake, river, creek, pond, or swimming pool? How about a water puddle (be creative). Find a nice spot to sketch and enjoy being outside. Create your own picture, title it, and send it to the BEACH HOUSE, (along with your name). Who knows, we may post your art!