A Night On The North Shore...

Wyland Gallery in Haleiwa

The Wyland Galleries of Oahu have turned into a home away from home for my art work. Recently my family and I were in Haleiwa for an art open house and dinner at one of our favorite North Shore restaurants, Cholo's. I always enjoy spending time on the North Shore, drawing and interacting with locals and visitors; Haleiwa is such a laid back environment for an artist or anyone trying to escape the fast pace lifestyle of the cities. The Gallery is located in a small town square layout just as you enter Haleiwa. Here you will find local surf shops, a few restaurants, and boutiques that reflect the small surf town, country, vibe of the North Shore. Check out some pictures of our weekend in Haleiwa.

Talking art at Open House Night at Wyland Gallery- Haleiwa

Demonstrating a few of my techniques

My daughter outside of Haleiwa Town Square

My daughter and her fiance waiting outside of Cholo's Mexican Food Restaurant

Shave ice w/ ice cream and beans at M. Matsumoto's, a North Shore favorite