Comments and Endorsements for Jeffrey Robert Crayon Art Techniques Dvd and Books

The Crayon Art Masterpieces created within a 35 year span of my crayon art journey, are the key to my Crayon Art Techniques. Here are a few comments that I have received through the years.
Jeffrey Robert Crayon Fine Art Portrait
  • Endorsement July 10, 2000, Carol Marshall, President Quality Education Systems

    In the creative arts, Jeffrey's work stands alone; he has developed an entirely new genre for the artist's creative process. Anyone who sees his work will be amazed at both his gifts as an artist and his capacity to do museum-quality art with a simple box of crayons. Quality Education Systems whole-heartedly endorses Jeffrey Robert, The Crayon Artist, for his unique artistic vision

  • Crayola Interview with Decor Magazine, February 2004

    "Jeffrey Robert... creates Rembrandt-like pieces using absolutely nothing but Crayola Crayons, a company spokesman says. According to Crayola: "Jeffrey Robert inspires adults and children everywhere to recognize and utilize the simplest of mediums, one that we've all used at one time or another and most likely have lying around the house, as a tool to explore and develop their creative and artistic side." 

  • Endorsement July 2000, Judith Bingham
    National Speaker and Advocate for Children with Autism
    on the subject of teaching children through art-based literacy

    "Jeffrey is a most outstanding and unique artist in that he is one of two people in the world (referring to Jeffrey and his father, Don Marco) who has introduced us to crayon art. It is his technique with crayons that has not been duplicated. I've watched the teachers delve into the crayons and the black line drawings mesmerized by their own skill after Jeffrey's lesson. I've seen the children's self esteem sore after Jeffrey walks around and comments on their work. Thank you, Jeffrey for starting America Coloring!

      Customer Comments:
  • March 2007, Jan Robson in the UK says: "The DVD is fabulous...very fascinating indeed."
  • July 2007, Bobbi Hancock in Virginia says: "I just want to say thank you for sending me your video. It is wonderful. I can't begin to tell you how great your art is. I also want to thank you for making it possible others can learn from you. I hope you will continue to publish your technique and your work."
  • February 2009, Sherrie in Hawaii says: "Just printed out the workbook for my 90 year old mom.  It is just what she was looking for!!!!!"


School Districts Use Jeffrey Robert Crayon Art Techniques

Community Education Programs for Forest Lake and White Bear Lake Area School Districts in Minnesota are using my Crayon Art Techniques with success.

White Bear Lake and Forest Lake Community Education Programs
Watch Me Draw! Grades K-5
*Our winter 2011 session features the work of crayon artist, Jeffrey Robert.  His work with crayons is amazing and you will love learning how to add his techniques to your own creations!

Watch Me Draw is a proven program that inspires kids to create, express and learn through the dynamic world of DRAWING! These skill-building lessons incorporate fun and creativity into every class!
Because nothing makes a child more confident than measurable, tangible success, our students will bring home a beautiful masterpiece each week incorporating new skills and techniques.

Watch Me Draw curriculum uses a variety of subject matter, style and media providing each child with a progressive art-enriched experience. *Our winter 2011 session features the work of crayon artist, Jeffrey Robert.  His work with crayons is amazing and you will love learning how to add his techniques to your own creations!


My 35 Year Crayon Art Journey

Created within a span of a 35 year Crayon Art journey, my Crayon Art Masterpieces are the key to my teaching and prove that crayons are not just for kids! 

My Crayon Art DVD and Workbook share my secret techniques.  



People often ask me how I made the crayons look like real chrome on the Harley artwork!  It's all about using gradients and controlling hand pressure in acquiring a delicate touch.  To see the entire Harley created with crayons and to learn these Crayon Art Techniques purchase the DVD and Workbook at The Crayon Artist Store: