I've Got That Country Feeling

I took a drive out to Haleiwa yesterday to deliver a commissioned piece of art to Wyland Gallery and visit a friend of mine Kyle Bernhardt. Kyle is a master shaper behind Country Feeling Surfboards, some of the most sought after boards in Hawaii. Unlike a lot of surfboard companies, Kyle's boards are completely custom. He hand picks the material, shapes, finishes, and even sells them himself. I have been surfing with a few of his boards over the past few months and have received numerous compliments on them. With the large swell this past weekend I really got a chance to see how they handle, I wish they made quality boards like this when I was growing up. My daughter's fiance has been using one of their hemp deck "green" boards. I think making surfboards that are environmentally friendly really go hand and hand with surfing and the ocean. I look for these "green" boards to continue to grow in popularity. After dropping off the boards I went by to see my sister, who lives in Haleiwa. She has the coolest German Shepard, Stevie, who fetches coconuts instead of tennis balls. I always enjoy spending time on the North Shore and with fall around the corner and winter not too far away I look forward to being out there a lot more in the months to come.

Kyle and Jeffrey
Jennifer and Stevie