From the past to the present Diamond Head, for me, is the most distinctive landmark on Oahu. Although my Crayola Crayon Surf Art Original “Waikiki” was completed last year, while actually living there, it carries with it a multitude of my memories and experiences of a lifetime.  The magic of Waikiki! Yes, it still has that ambiance of years past where tourists can take surfing lessons from the Beach Boys, experience a canoe ride or just stroll the beach. And on any given night you will hear musicians playing Hawaiian music while talented Hula dancers perform under the stars of beautiful Hawaii!

This piece was originally framed in the traditional Hawaiian koa wood (and nothing wrong with that) but after contemplating the overall look, I decided that it would be even better to blend the nostalgia of Waikiki and the modern contemporary feel of my artwork with my new Floating Crayon and Plexiglas frame design.

I enjoy creating new frame designs to complete my art work. For my surf art, a conceptual frame design was created to compliment the aesthetics of surfing, reflecting the attributes of the transparent water, power, grace, skill and technical development of the sport. In the place of an ordinary matted and framed image, the artwork is encased between two transparent pieces of Plexiglas (one clear and one colored) then bordered by a deep metal frame. The colored transparent acrylic behind the art helps to extend an illusion of water and sky; clear, floating, translucent, and calming. The metallic metal frame evokes a sleek, sporty, stream line look reflecting the speed and advanced technology of modern day surfing. The overall design is now perfect and complete!