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-Posted by Jon Lunger, ArtsQuest’s Marketing Manager and crayon lover.
Remember the joy of a brand new, 64-count, box of crayons?  It was the Cadillac of coloring.  An entire spectrum of possibilities; each brightly colored crayon even more enticing than the last.  A box of waxy, colorful potential.  If you were really lucky, that box even came with a fancy crayon sharpener on the back.  Sweet.
That simple rectangular box housed a world of endless coloring possibilities.
Then you grew up.  Crayons vanished from your life, abruptly and without warning.
But what happened?  Why are crayons reserved only for children?  Its really quite an injustice to a tool that, for many, is the very first exposure to artistic creation and expression. 
There’s nothing wrong with crayons, but yet, once you reach a certain age, they’re universally frowned upon.  And for what?  Because they’re for kids?  Poppycock. There are lots of things that are “for kids” that adults use on a daily basis.  Heck, look at your smart phone.  That thing is pretty much just a Gameboy with a phone in it.
Well, some intrepid crayon lovers (like myself) are bringing the crayon the love it truly deserves.
Enter the crayon artist.
A simple Google search reveals a number of fine artists who choose to create their art using only crayons.  Finally! Our waxy, childhood friend is getting some love! 
Some may call it a gimmick, and I get that… it’s easy to dismiss “fine art” that is created by something that is so closely tied to our childhoods.  But before you judge, do you feel the same about someone who chooses to use watercolors to create fine art?  Probably not.
One of my personal favorite crayon artists is Jeffrey Robert:

The art this guy creates with crayons is ridiculous (in an awesome way).   Check it out at
Hopefully it inspires you to get a 64 count box.  I know I did.